Electro Allergie would like to invite you to be a part of us. If you are a physician, dentist, fitness instructor, nutritionist, meditation guru or anyone that has a background in health, you are welcome with Electro Allergie. We encourage you to share the important things you know, that way the public can benefit from it.


We all have our good intentions when it comes to our wellness. We want to hear your thoughts. Make Electro Allergie a way so you can help others. You are someone who knows what you’re doing while there a lot of people out there who are doing things that are dangerous to themselves. You can be the instrument so they can realize that we need to prioritize our health more than anything else.

Electro Allergie has our arms open for the people who have the same vision as we do. It is the idea to make everyone healthier. The knowledge that we have is the best weapon to make our lives better. You have the option to help, and you can write for us so you can reach millions of people.

If you are interested in giving your thoughts with Electro Allergie, please send us an email at We will get back to you with the information you need so you can start your journey of helping others through Electro Allergie.