9 Things That you Need to Know When Someone is Having an Anaphylaxis

Anaphylaxis is the most dreaded part of having an allergy. It can cost someone’s life in an instant if you are not cautious. It is a fatal effect of having an allergy. What if you witnessed someone who is having anaphylaxis in front of you? What should you do to save his or her life? Let me share some important thing that you need to know when you see someone suffering from anaphylaxis.

1. Call for help

You need to call someone for immediate help. It will be wise if you can immediately dial 911 for the emergency.

2. Ask the patient

Quickly ask the patient if he or she have a medicine or an auto-injector for the allergy attack. Usually, people with allergies always carry extra meds on their pouch wherever they go.

3. Help the patient if needed

If the patient is unable to inject it himself, you need to lend a hand in doing so. Look for the patient’s thigh, and you just have to press the auto-injector.

4. Lie down

Let the person lie down. Make sure the patient is relaxed, and there is enough room for air.


5. Clothes

It is important that you can loosen up things such as necktie or buttons on the collar. The patient needs to be able to breathe.

6. Don’t let the patient drink

Never give someone who is suffering from anaphylaxis something to drink. We all thought that it could make the patient feel better, but on an allergic reaction, you should never give water to the patient as it can make the situation worse.

7. Put him on the side

If you can see that the person is about to vomit due to the attack or if you noticed that there had been any bleeding, it is important that you put the patient on his side to make sure he or she will not choke to death.

8. CPR

If you noticed that the patient is no longer breathing, you should start the CPR. It is not that hard. Just make sure that you give the patient 100 chest presses every 60 seconds.

9. Monitor

If the patient starts to feel better, you still need to follow the first aid steps above. The anaphylaxis can re-occur any minute. It is always better if the patient will be checked out by the paramedics.
Just follow the steps, and you can save a life of someone suffering from anaphylaxis.

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