5 Important Facts About Food Allergies That You Need To Know

We all know that there are a lot of people who are allergic to some food. We cannot avoid that and as a matter of fact over fifty percent of United States population are having an allergy to food. There are a lot of things that we need to know about food allergies so we can take a precaution against it. Let me tell you the facts about food allergies that you need to know.

1. Parent’s fault


I’m not saying that your parents intentionally inflict the allergy on you. It’s just that allergy cases are hereditary. If you have a parent who has an allergy, you are most likely to develop it as well.

2. Not just one allergy


If you have a hypersensitivity to one food, you are probably allergic to other foods, so you have to be careful. If you have an allergy with the delicious crabs, then I suggest you be very careful with other seafood like shrimps, oysters, shellfish, etc.

3. One trigger button


It will only take one exposure to the food, and you can immediately develop the allergy. If you are exposed to the food at an early stage whereas your immune system is not ready for it, then you will develop the allergy for the particular food.

4. Exercise can also trigger the allergy


You may not have the allergy after eating, but if you are going to work out, I recommend that you eat at least two hours before your workout. When your body temperature is up, your body can develop itchiness or worse anaphylaxis.

5. Reaction differences


Allergies are traitors. It can occur right after you ate the food or stab you in back that it will only happen after 24 hours. The effects also vary because you can just experience rashes, reddening of the skin but it can also be fatal.

Consult your physician about your allergy, so you will not be caught off guard if there will be an attack. Your doctor can prescribe antihistamines that can be given to lessen the gravity of the allergy. As advised by your doctor, you can carry a pill of an antihistamine with you for emergency use.

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